The artist

MONOK | 1973 | Leningrad, USSR

St. Petersburg, Russia | Madrid, Spain

Artist Monok started his art career from non-obvious paths. But the one who seeks and wants to share everything he found ,will go in a right direction. Search and gaining, doubt and conviction can be found in artist’s work . Monok’s style is various and individual at the same time.
Monok’s author’s manner , with no doubt, is individual , although there’s an illusion of something familiar that fades away. It seems that you can almost catch clear shape in your mind, but there’re associations that slowly move through viewer’s consciousness , growing unique and deep interpretations.
So what’s the secret? In simplicity or rich figures, or in plot’s core , where everyone could find an answer for his personal question. Author’s art work is like a philosophical treatise with an answer to a question of a man who seeks knowledge. You get what you ask . But it’s not only because of philosophical figures and shapes.. The main element is energy, which rushes with greed through the paper and canvas. It’s both painting and graphics that make author’s message so great at level of instincts and that’s what fulfills Monok’s drawings with primal feeling we seek in art world.

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