The Exhibition “Night”

A different life begins with the sunset.

natural metamorphoses are happened at night , animals and not only them come out of the shadows…

The Night for Monok is an exceptional substance that gives life to everything.

“We underestimate the night,” says the artist. “All life processes take place at night. We pay great attention to the day, but exactly during the day we  commit rash acts very often , and the night saves us from it. Night plays with many colors, which are not existed in the daytime. The gold, which we can only see at night, fascinates the spirit.”

Through the paintings which are presented at the exhibition, the artist wants to show the dualism of this life and this world. The day and the Night.

Falling asleep, as a child, we believed in miracles that happened at night. Monok shows us the same magic.

The riot of colors in his paintings absorbs us. Circles, similar to the style of van Gogh, drag the viewer into a parallel world-the world of Monok.

Its forms are not standard, ships may be smaller than people, mountains and shadows do not correspond to real forms, but this is where the mesmerizing power of Monok lies, the power of fantastic/mystical realism.

What is night to You?

The artist again makes us reflect and he immerses us in his unique world. Sending us to a different reality, he wants to put the viewer inside his canvas.

The conflict within yourself, the conflict of good and evil, day and night, life and death, faith and disbelief – that is what Monok’s paintings are about. Artist Monok opens his first solo exhibition “Dualism of Being”

The first personal exhibition of the artist Monok will open in the Master Gallery on January 27. Her curator Elena Korolkova told us about the concept of the exhibition called “Dualism of Being”.

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